Egg of the sun(Taiyou no tamago) Miyazaki ripe Mango

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and has become a staple of the summer gift, such as the ripe mango “Egg of the sun” is going to greet the peak season of the popular.

Among the ripe mango from Miyazaki Prefecture, JA Miyazaki Economic Commission is given the title of “Egg of the sun” only to the ripe mango which cleared the following stringent “Product brand certification standard” as set forth below:
1. The fruit which was ripe in the tree until fruit naturally, especially the taste and appearance excellent.
2. A fruit that satisfies the prefecture uniform criteria prescribed by the economic union.
 · Quality: “Aoshu” or more
 · Class : “2 L” or more
 · Brix : “15 degrees” or more
3. Inspections of pesticide residues over two samples a month during the shipping period.

The “Egg of the sun” which satisfy the criteria in this way is only about 15% in the harvest of ripe mangoes.

Egg of the sun this year’s was also very tasty with a rich sweetness, a melting texture.
Please try this deliciousness that will become addicting once you eat it once.

Product Name: Mango
Breed: Egg of the sun,Irwin (apple mango)
Name of production: Miyazaki Prefecture
Grade: Shu
Standard: 3L
Quality: JA standards
Packaging: Gift box
Product Weight: 1Kg/box
Number of boxes: 2 pcs
Box Gross Weight: 1.2Kg/box
Box size: 15.5 x 23 x 11 cm (length x width x high)
Storage: Keep cool (3 to 5 ℃)

Use: For gift or home use
Features: Fruits with excellent taste and appearance, which were ripe on the trees until they fell naturally
Supply timing: mid-April to July

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Shipment conditions: warehouse delivery (EXW condition)
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Shipping: Within 3 business days after payment is confirmed

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