“Hareo” Shine Muscat of grapes

First of all,we would like to express our sympathy to the people in the area who suffered from the recent torrential rains disaster.
Okayama Prefecture has suffered a great deal of damage, but it is not defeated by the disaster, and delicious Shine Muscat arrives here in Osaka.

Shine Muscat is a new breed of white grapes that has just been registered in 2006.
It is the reason why the fragrance of Muscat and the high sugar content, no seed, and the place to be eaten by the skin above all are very popular.

“Hareo” is limited only to the high-quality Shine Muscat that was able to clear the strict selection criteria, such as the appearance of high sugar content, large grain, beautiful bunches among them,it is shipped as the king of the Sunny Country (Okayama).

It is a shine Muscat that has rapidly stretched production by popularity and high profile up in the last few years, but the price is not to fall at all, and it is a feature to have the position as a premium fruit firmly.

Please relish this taste once by all means.

Product Name: Grapes
Breed: Hareo,Shine Muscat of grapes
Name of production: Okayama Prefecture
Grade: Shu
Standard: 7~9 bunches
Quality: JAS standards
Packaging: Carton box
Product Weight: 5Kg/box
Number of boxes: 7~9 bunches
Box Gross Weight: 5.6Kg/box
Box size: 50 x 37 x 17 cm (length x width x high)
Storage: Keep cool(3~5 ℃)

Use: For gift or home use
Features: High fragrance and high sugar content, without seeds, and can be eaten the skins.
Supply timing: Late June – Early October

Reference price: please ask.
Shipment conditions: warehouse delivery (EXW condition)
※We can quote for FOB Kansai International Airport or C&F conditions.

Settlement conditions: 100% prepayment, after bank transfer confirmation shipping
Shipping: Within 3 business days after payment is confirmed

* We can sell to domestic companies of wholesale and EC shops are also available.