Super Summer Mandarin Kagawa ”Obarabeni-wase”

Well, you may have an image of “Mandarin = Winter” in general (it is the image of a mandarin orange in a kotatsu), but in fact, it is summer in the season of the Mandarin orange which was grown in the greenhouse.
Actually, the greenhouse Mikan which is in season in summer is sweet more than the Mandarin of winter, and it is very popular for the gift giving although it is very expensive compared with the winter Mandarin because it is grown in a greenhouse.

Today’s introduction is the greenhouse Mikan of the original variety of Kagawa Prefecture named “Obarabeni-wase(early)”.

“Obarabeni-wase(early)” in 1973, the Orange farmer in Kagawa Prefecture “Obara Yukiharu” was cultivated in the orange garden of “Miyagawa-wase(early)” was found in the varieties of bright orange peel red.
The Obarabeni-wase, which was born in the mutation of branch change, was named “Obaraben-wase,” and it was investigated at the Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station, and it was registered as a breed in October 1993.

“Obarabeni-wase” is the most red color of the skin in the orange of about 100 varieties cultivated in Japan, high sugar content, is characterized by a rich taste.

And, the appearance of the size and the color, etc. are excellent in “the Obarabeni-wase”, and only the Mandarin orange which cleared the sugar content of 12.5 degrees or more by the optical sensor of the selection machine will be shipped as “Sanukibeni”.
First of all, it is surprised at the redness of the Mikan peel, and second times surprises is the sweetness and richness when you eaten it.
I’m sure you’ll be surprised two times.

This year is going to be an unusual hot summer day, but I want to eat a cold and chilled delicious orange on such a hot day.
Please try it once by all means.

Product Name:Mandarin
Breed: Obarabeniwase(early)
Name of production: Kagawa Prefecture
Grade: Shu
Standard: 25 pcs
Quality: JA standards
Packaging: Carton box
Product Weight: 2.5Kg/box
Number of boxes: 25 pcs
Box Gross Weight: 2.9Kg/box
Box size: 30 x 22 x 9.5 cm (length x width x high)
Storage: Keep cool(3~5 ℃)

Use: For gift or home use
Features: The color of the skin is the most red in the Japan Mandarin, the sugar content is high, and a rich taste.
Supply timing: The greenhouse is grown from June to July.

Reference price: please ask.
Shipment conditions: warehouse delivery (EXW condition)
※We can quote for FOB Kansai International Airport or C&F conditions.

Settlement conditions: 100% prepayment, after bank transfer confirmation shipping
Shipping: Within 3 business days after payment is confirmed

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