The arrival of Nansui pears has Begun

There are many pear varieties in the Japan from long ago, but we will introduce a relatively new type of “Nansui”.
It is very popular pear with high sugar content, strong sweetness, less acidity, rich in fruit juice and juicy sweetness.
In addition, the “Nansui” has excellent shelf life, and can be stored for one month at room temperature, three months in refrigeration, and six months for ice temperature.

This “Nansui” was born in Nagano Prefecture.
In the selected fruit field in Nagano prefecture, the provisions of “Nansui” are more than 14 degrees brix, and the shape and the one that the maturity degree are good are applied to the grade “Taikoban” of the Superlative. And, even if the shape is slightly inferior, the grade of “Yuutousei” is attached and it is Shipped.
The “Taikoban” of the highest rank is of course also in our company, and a lot of “Nansui” begins to Arrive.

The first time you eat the “Nansui”, there is no doubt that you are surprised by the rich Sweetness.
It is said that pears are big and sweet, so when you buy pears, choose as large a pear as Possible.

Product Name: Japanese Pear
Breed: Nansui
Name of production: Nagano Prefecture
Grade: Taikoban,Yuutousei,other
Standard: 10 peace,other
Quality: JA standards
Packaging: Carton box
Product Weight: 5Kg/box
Number of boxes:
Box Gross Weight:
Box size: 35 x 48 x 13 cm (length x width x high)
Storage: Room temperature

Use: For gift or home use
Features: high sugar content, strong sweetness, less acidity,rich in fruit juice and juicy sweetness.
Supply timing:

Reference price: please ask.
Shipment conditions: warehouse delivery (EXW condition)
※We can quote for FOB Kansai International Airport or C&F conditions.

Settlement conditions: 100% prepayment, after bank transfer confirmation shipping
Shipping: Within 3 business days after payment is confirmed

* We can sell to domestic companies of wholesale and EC shops are also available.