Shipment of Misaka peach has started!

A very delicious peach that grew up in Yamanashi Prefecture where there is Mt. Fuji highest in Japan reached Osaka this year.
The shipment of the Peach for the gift which informs the visit of early summer started this year, too.
Hikawa Hakuho is starts shipping the beginning in the peach of the popular early breed and starts sending it to the home use and for the gift.

This sweet and juicy peach is very popular not only in Japan domestic but also overseas and we receive a lot of orders from overseas.

Keep it at room temperature, the sweet fragrance of peach and when you touch it and feel a little soft, when it is eating.
When it comes to eating, you can peel off the skin with putting a knife lightly.
If you enjoy chilled, please put it in the refrigerator about two hours before you eating.

Finally, I will show you how to taste delicious peaches.

· Entirely colored red
· Slightly sweet fragrance, one with no downy hair falling
· The vertical split (suture line) is shallow and is symmetrical and plump around this line

Please refer when you buying peach.

Product Name: Peach
Breed: Hikawa Hakuhou
Name of production: Yamanashi Prefecture
Grade: Aoshu
Standard: 16 peace
Quality: JA standards
Packaging: Carton box
Product Weight: 5Kg/box
Number of boxes: 16 pcs
Box Gross Weight: 5.5Kg/box
Box size: 31 x 46 x 11.5 cm (length x width x high)
Storage: Room temperature

Use: For gift or home use
Features: The skin is dark red and looks beautiful, with slightly less acidity and higher sugar content.
The milky pulp is dense and contains a lot of juice, and the taste is smooth.
Supply timing: end-Jun to end-July

Reference price: please ask.
Shipment conditions: warehouse delivery (EXW condition)
※We can quote for FOB Kansai International Airport or C&F conditions.

Settlement conditions: 100% prepayment, after bank transfer confirmation shipping
Shipping: Within 3 business days after payment is confirmed

* We can sell to domestic companies of wholesale and EC shops are also available.