Japanese Peach Special offer for Mid-Autumn-Festival from Nagano

We are pleased to inform that the special offer of Peach for Mid-Autumn Festivalfrom Nagano.
Around the middle of September, peach comes into the final stage in the production area.
Therefore, it will be difficult to secure products for the Mid-Autumn Festival.
As a result of consultation with the production area, we will make a special offer.
Country of Origin : Nagano Prefecture
Breed: Hakutou(plans)
Weight: 5Kg
Spec: 13pcs/15pcs/16pcs/box
Grade: Tokushuu/Shuu/Akashuu
Price: @JPY3,800/@JPY3,300/@JPY2,800/box
Terms of trade: EX warehouse(EXW)
Delivery date: Plans from Sep.11, to Sep.24,2017
Quantity: In the production area, priority is secured from the order confirmation first. (First come, first served)

If you are interested, please inform us of the quantity, we will estimate to you for “C&F”conditions.
* Because cost will be high at less than 100 Kg, we recommend more than 20 boxes(100Kg).
Use: for gift and home use
Features: This is also popular abroad.
Supply: Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE (Dubai), Russia

Capacity: Over 100 boxes per day
Minimum order quantity: Negotiable
Terms of payment: Cash, T/T in advance (Bank transfer, prepaid)
Delivery:After confirmation of payment within 5 days.

* Shipping charges will be charged separately.
* Domestic companies, wholesale to net shops are also available.
* We do not sell to individual consumers.