Japanese Pear


The pear greatly separates for three kinds, there are Japanese pear (sum pear), pear, and Chinese pear.

Japanese pear can separates for two kinds, a rind of a fruit is green like a “20th Century” called by green pear(Aonashi), and another one is red pear(Akanashi) a rind of a fruit is brown,like a kind of pear “Kousui” and “Housui”.
The harvest begins with “Kousui” in July , and go on “20th Century”, “Housui”, “Nansui”, “Sinkou”, “Niitaka” , “Atago” and peaks in September.

High evaluation of Japanese pear even in foreign countries. Especially Taiwan, Hong Kong, exports to the United States, there has appeared most prominently.
Above all, the pear has the long history and the superior results in the export to the foreign countries from the 1980s in the 20th century of Tottori prefecture.

In recent years has gone up also evaluation of red pear(Akanashi), especially in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the big size pear kinds of “Sinkou”, “Atago” it seems to be popular.


The outline of the Japanese pear:

●Kosui: 250~300g/pcs pulp is a little stiff, but there is a strong sweet taste.

●20th century: about 300g/pcs sweet and sour taste has been harmony moderately.

●Hosui: 350~400g/pcs pulp is a little softer, there is a good acidity in the sweetness.

●Niitaka: 450~500g/pcs sweet acidity is fewer, larger ones will also be the 1Kg.

●Atago: Average 1Kg/pcs flesh is softer, sweet and sour is harmony.


The figure on the left is the Hosui pear of the general, which is commercially available. But brix 13 or more product has been developed in the Nagano Prefecture, the name called “Taikoban” .