Export to Hong Kong


Mid-September time to celebrates the harvest moon, we exported peach of Nagano Prefecture “Maruta white peach,” from Kansai International Airport by air cargo to Hong Kong.

Product name:
Maruta White peach “Maruta Hakutou”
Contents: 5Kg/box
Size: 12/13/15pcs/box
Quantity: 300 boxes



Celebrated the “Mid-Autumn Festival” on September 15th (Thursday) in Hong Kong, fruits and moon cakes or a luxury food, gift to business partners has popular habits.
Especially fruit shop will be so busy, look like “prosperous business”. It is same like as the season of Japanese summer gifts, isn’t it.



“Mid-Autumn Festival” Lunar August.15th
Every year this day,to watch the full moon with family and enjoy lanterns to decorate the beautiful while eating moon cakes. That is annual events of every year for chinese people,
including Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia and etc.
Big event is carried out in many places, it has become one of the most significant events also in the year.


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