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“Nango Seika” is the so-called “Osaka Nanbu Goudou Seika Co.,LTD” ‘s common name.

We aim to further develop the wholesale market based on solid results and trust towards fruit and vegetable distribution trading companies.

Various fresh vegetables and fruits that give moisture to the daily table. It is the blessing of the rich earth that nurtures mind and body healthily.

For supplies that are indispensable to living, stable supply of freshness, product selection, quantity, etc. is always required. In addition, in order to respond to diversifying consumer needs, we need to grasp the trend of the place of origin and maintain a precise and appropriate collection and sales system.

As a company involved in the agribusiness business which is also said to be the core industry of the 21st century, we strive to provide stable supply of fruits and vegetables, speed up the distribution and labor saving, and have a societal major role and mission to bring safe and safe products back to customers we wish to deliver it.

We strives to meet needs of overseas customers based on our 48years of proven experience.
We support export of Japanese fresh fruit and vegetables.This includes many varieties and quantities from small air cargo to shipping container.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate please feel free to contact us.



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